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South Holland, IL



Office Staff
Our friendly office staff keep our office running Monday through Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm. When you call or stop by the office, you will be greeted by the Administrative Assistant who can answer your questions, point you in the right direction or connect you with other ministry leaders.

Sis. Tenetia Tarver,  Administrative Assistant

Ministerial Staff
Our Ministerial Staff consists of ordained clergy, credentialed missionaries and evangelists, locally licensed ministers and deacons/deaconesses who delight in ministering to the needs of God's people.

Dr. Jeanne Porter King, Executive Pastor
Elder Mack King, Assoc. Pastor
Elder Prince Reed
Elder Zachery McCray
Minister Will Reed

District Missionary Edith King
Missionary Martha Gross
Evangelist Alberta Jones

        Associate Ministers
Assoc. Min. Debbie Allen-Bridges
Assoc. Min. Dale Cain
Assoc. Min. Althea Collins
Assoc. Min. Toby Elmore
Assoc. Min. Yolanda Harris
Assoc. Min. Sabina McCray
Assoc. Min. Brenda Parker
Assoc. Min. Tonya Reed
Assoc. Min. Chloe Squalls
Assoc. Min. Donna Turner

Deacon Reginald Holmes
Deacon Malcolm Jones
Deacon Purlie Jones
Deacon Dennis Mottley
Deacon Ronald Stewart
Deacon Dwight Walden
Deaconess Rosemary Alexander
Deaconess Barbara Clark